Patdome Promotions understands that supplying artwork for commercial printers can be somewhat confusing, so we’ve created some basic guidelines and tips to help.

The quality of your order and the turnaround time on your order depends upon the quality of artwork supplied to us.  To ensure optimal imprints and avoid delays or art charges, please provide camera-ready vector artwork with the following recommendations in mind.


Vector files are recommended for the highest quality print and allow images to be resized or scaled without loss of sharpness and detail. They also allow us to quickly convert your artwork to the color specifications of your order. To help speed up the process, be sure to ask your creative department for native vector files rather than .jpg, .png, .tiff, .doc, or other image formats. We recommend: 

  • .eps (encapsulated post script) – common for logos or complex images
  • .ai (Adobe Illustrator) – common for logos or complex images
  • .indd (Adobe InDesign) – common for paper products such as business cards, brochures, posters, journal covers, etc.) vector
  • .pdf (vector format saved directly from a program such as Illustrator or InDesign; this is often an ideal option, as it allows any recipient to view the file without special software) 


  • Convert all text to outlines to prevent custom fonts from being lost.
  • Ensure that all graphics are embedded in the art rather than imported from linked files.
  • Use the CMYK color format.
  • Flatten transparencies, drop shadows, and complex gradients when possible.

Files that originate in Photoshop, Word, Paint, and other programs do not typically translate or convert well into vector art, even after being saved out from vector programs. Whenever possible, sending artwork originally created in Adobe Illustrator or InDesign is ideal.


We understand that not everyone has timely access to a professional graphic designer or creative department. Patdome Promotions is happy to provide basic edits or layouts for no additional cost. If you need more advanced help with creating, correcting, or reconstructing your design, we can help provide additional creative assistance for a fee.