Outdoor Tailgator Package

Need to be outside for any length of time? This package includes an easy-assemble 10' tent with a full-color canopy, full-color tablecloth that fits any table you are provided, a 13' sail flag that attaches to one of the tent legs, and a beverage cooler. There's no way that you won't stand out from the bunch as your flag towers high over your tent.

  • Outdoor Fitted Table Throw
  • Sail Sign Kit
  • Sail Sign Mount for Standard Tents
  • Standard Tent
  • Outdoor Event Cooler

Product Dimensions

  • Outdoor Fitted Table Throw: 6′
  • Sail Sign Kit: 13′
  • Standard tent: 10′

Kit Includes:

  • 1: Outdoor Fitted Table Throw
  • 1: Sail Sign Kit
  • 1: Standard Tent
  • 1: Sail Sign Mount for Standard Tents
  • 1: Outdoor Event Cooler


  • Sail Sign Mount for standard tents

Packaging Information:

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