Whether you’re planning an event close to home or if you’re a road warrior getting ready to travel for weeks on end, Patdome Promotions provides an Event Displays & Logistics Service geared to help save you time, money, and worries so you can focus on the job at hand.

Event Display

Patdome Promotions can help create everything you need to promote and identify your organization at events and trade shows. Whether you need tents, flags, displays and media walls, beverage coolers, or table covers, our team will work with you to create an interactive user experience to highlight the best elements of your brand. Even better, most of our event display hardware are re-brandable for long-term use over multiple campaigns.

Event Display
Rentals & Logistics

Patdome Promotions offers everything that you need to turn your conference booth or event space into a branded experience. Many of our partners have only temporary needs for branded displays such as media walls, portable counters, and standing flags. If you’re hosting an annual event and don’t want to store bulky displays, or if you’re traveling and can’t carry excessive hardware for receptions and events on the road, let us deliver your branded space on demand to your travel destinations.

As former road warriors, we’ve been there— traveling for a string of events and stressed about showing up on time to your next stop while watching your inbox grow as you’re on the road. The last thing you want on your mind is your giveaways, partner leave-behinds, and printing handouts along your route. Instead of carrying it all with you, Patdome Promotions will have what you need when you need it waiting for you at your hotel or event space.

6 Reasons To Use
Patdome Promotions
For Event Displays
& Logistics


Save Money

Renting instead of buying saves you from the full cost of displays and adds the flexibility of being able to change display setups for next time. Displays are bulky to store and are costly in baggage fees as they are usually oversized luggage.


Health and Safety

Carrying heavy bags full of paper and giveaways along your route is potentially harmful physically, especially after a long day of traveling. Think about all of those self-care items you can now pack instead of all of your giveaways!


Expandable Footprint

Your needs for event branding can vary widely while on the road, and different types of events benefit from a variety of options. From everyday exhibiting to your one or two receptions, you just can’t travel with everything that you need. Have it waiting for your when you need it, and then simply send it back with a pre-paid label.


Avoid Lost Luggage

On average airlines lose two bags out of every thousand, and if you fly enough, it’s bound to happen to you. You can replace most things that you travel with, but why risk your displays and giveaways?


Reduce Waste

There’s nothing like opening your suitcase to find those “bottom of the bag casualties” of loose paper materials accidentally creased in transit or those pens that you find hidden in your suitcase when you finally unpack at home. You tell us what you need, where you need it and when, and you’ll wind up keeping track of fewer products and materials along the way.


Support Team on Demand

Need help figuring out how to set up a display? Something go wrong on the road? Don’t worry! You’ve got a dedicated team working to ensure you have a great experience! Just one call will get you on the right path!